Blue Ridge Reef and Pet was established in 2007 to serve the pet community in Western NC. Our goal is for aquarium keepers to have success with their hobby, and other pet owners to have healthy, happy animals. We have researched foods, treats, supplies, and training techniques exhaustively to provide the best products, resources, and sound advice. Learning and gathering information is a never-ending process and very little is written in stone, but we constantly update our inventory and this website as needed.

Owner Chip Bridges has kept aquariums, reptiles, and small animals for over thirty years. He has bred over fifty species of fishes and produced over a thousand captive-bred reptiles since 1990, including a number of the animals for sale in the shop at any given time. Jeanne Price is his mother and was nearly saint-like for allowing his bedroom to resemble a zoo during his youth. She is also a renowned bee-keeper with hives all throughout Buncombe and neighboring counties. Come on by and try her local honey, pollen, and homemade candles!